Divorce & Relationship Counseling

Do you wish you could get “unstuck” in your relationship?

Are the issues in your intimate partnership draining you?

Are you struggling with a divorce? 


You Are Not Alone.

Our intimate relationships can be incredibly energizing when healthy, and horribly destructive when unhealthy. Relationships can trigger a wide range of psychological issues, from childhood trauma and nuclear family baggage to fears related to abandonment, vulnerability and self-esteem. The vast majority of us simply model what we saw growing up; very few of us were given concrete tools, skills and knowledge regarding how to have a healthy relationship. We simply aren’t taught relationship skills such as communication, healthy boundary setting and conflict management.

One of the most painful relationship experiences is divorce. The experience of divorce can be absolutely devastating for many people, and results in major changes in almost all aspects of life.

Some common relationship challenges include:

You Can Gain Control Over Your Relationship Issues.

If you’re experiencing difficulties in your relationship – including going through or just having experienced a divorce – you’ve come to the right place. I’ve helped countless clients improve their intimate relationships and come out of a divorce even stronger than before. Click here to read what they’ve said.

But You Might Be Asking…

“I’ve tried therapy, read books and I still can’t seem to cope with my divorce or understand my relationship issues. What makes Humble Warrior Therapy’s approach different?”

Humble Warrior Therapy uses an integrative, holistic, mind-body approach to therapy. Counseling at Humble Warrior Therapy isn’t your standard clinical “talk therapy”; it’s so much more. I use a highly educational, directive teaching approach to therapy, and pull in as many resources as you may need to help you learn a new way of relating to your emotions. Through media such as TEDtalks and books, and tools including guided meditation, “walk-and-talks” and yoga, I incorporate as many different mind-body-spirit techniques and tools that you might need, always working to find the most relevant, effective and custom-tailored therapy program for you.

“I’m interested in learning more…where do we go from here?”

Schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation to learn more about who I am as a therapist, ask any specific questions you might have and ensure that I’m truly the right fit for you.

Call 720-739-0412, email me at humblewarriortherapy@gmail.com or click here to book your free initial consultation. 

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