Yoga Therapy Workshops

Rachel-40In addition to individual therapy for adults and teens, I also offer group workshops. These workshops are ideal for businesses, corporate wellness events, group/organizational events, stress relief programs and more. The workshops – designed for groups of 3 to 25 participants – are rooted in Buddhism and yoga therapy, and include components of teaching, meditation, exercise (yoga) and discussion (group therapy). More specifically, my workshops encompass the following:

  • Private yoga class (vinyasa flow)
  • Extended savasana with a guided imagery meditation
  • Handouts/education on different breathing exercises and techniques
  • Presentation on Buddhist psychology
  • Group Therapy Session

Workshops are custom-designed and can be tailored to include as few or as many of the aforementioned activities as the client desires. Workshops typically last 90 minutes, but can be shorter or longer in duration.

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